Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Showreel 2015

My showreel. First time I made one of these.

Sword Girl

Here's something I did for fun. Just a bit of drawing and painting practice.

Poet Anderson

Here's a project I'm very proud to have worked on. It won the Toronto International Short Film Festival award for best animated short. It was all made by a few friends of mine. I helped by modeling and texturing the tunnel and the buildings in the futuristic city.

Here's the Trailer.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Twin Paradox Video

Here it is, finally. The Twin Paradox trailer. It's actually been done for over a year now, just needed a few minor improvements here and there, things like the hud and some editing issues. It's been a busy year but finally we found some time to polish this thing a bit and put it online.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Twin Paradox...Again

So  I'm on my final year of the MA in computer animation. Right now we're very busy at work on our final project. It's a first person sci-fi adventure game. Back when we were making the point and click version of Twin Paradox we got a lot of ideas that just werent possible in that format. So now we're using a proper 3D engine, the CryEngine 3.  So far I've spent most of my time just learning to work with the engine so there's not a lot to show at the moment. There's a few tests and a video showcasing some of the skills I've acquired while using the engine so far.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Here's a fun little project. It's an After Effects exercise made for a motion graphics class. The objective was to choose a promotional poster for something and make a motion graphics ad out of it. I chose to promote Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop. Great movie by the way.

Tell Tale Heart

This project was made on the first year of my MA in computer animation. It was a group effort and the 9 minute short was divided into sections, so each student was responsible for a chunk of the story. I got the final two minutes all to myself. In those two minutes all the storyboarding, animation, lighting, post-production and editing is mine. In the modeling and texturing department the kitchen and the dead grandfather are mine while the cop, the girl the hallway and the bedroom are my colleagues'.

Return Zero

Even though making games is my passion, I had never actually finished making one. But that was about to change when a professor of mine asked me if I was interested in helping a friend of his make a smart phone game. Hell yeah I was. We made the whole thing in between other school stuff and actually managed to release it to the android marketplace. I got paid for making games! How about that?

The game itself is a futuristic tron-like racing simulator. If you're fast enough relativity kicks in and time slows down.

Do you have an android phone? Want to try the game? CLICKY

Here's the trailer for the thing, made by the fine folks at Jump Willy.


Besides making videogames my other great passion is film. I remember watching Jurassic Park for the first time when I was 8 and deciding I wanted to be a movie director. For a very long time that remained true. I learned everything I could about film-making. I watched a ton of movies, old movies, new movies, french, russian, swedish movies, zombie movies, spaghetti westerns. Everything that was considered good I would watch. I ended up with a 300+ DVD collection and became completely obsessed with Stanley Kubrick. I saw a lot of obscure stuff but my very favorite movies were actually pretty mainstream. Most of them were Sci-Fi. My top ten includes masterpieces like Terminator 2, the first two Alien movies, Blade Runner and of course the greatest of them all, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I got into college still wanting to make movies, but little by little I realized that videogames had a lot of untapped potential and that they could be very powerful story-telling devices. In the end, what I really care for is stories, and not the format they are in. During college I worked on a couple of short-film projects and they just turned out terrible. Thats part of the reason why film-making had lost a bit of it's luster for me. I got on with my videogames where I felt more comfortable but in the first year of my MA I got another shot to finnaly make a decent short-film.

Joana and I teamed up again to make a special effects heavy sci-fi short. At the time I heard a story about some dudes at Nasa that proposed a one way trip to Mars. They said that getting there was pretty easy, getting back was the hard part. Of course a mission like this would never be approved but it really made me think. I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult finding volunteers. They'd go down as heroes for all of history.

And that's what the main character of our story thought as well.


For the last year of my BA they gave us two whole semesters to make a multimedia project. The rules were that it had to include some 3D , be interactive and use FLASH. Well before knowing any rules I knew I wanted to make a game. For this project I grouped up with Joana. We would both be handling all the art and game design. For the coding we had Francisco. And we totally didn't use any flash.

The game was called Fusebox. It was a sci-fi point and click adventure set on a space ship headed for Saturn. We made a snazzy web site for the game, if you want to learn more about the plot check it out here

We had the whole story planned out but it was just too much work for a couple of people to do in a handful of months. Still, we managed to complete a working demo and a CG trailer. Speaking of which, it's time for some videos.

This is the trailer we made in the first semester. Moody!

And this is the actual game

Now check out some screenshots.

Alien Landscapes

Here are a few more tries at digital painting. I love thinking about alien planets.