Friday, February 3, 2012


For the last year of my BA they gave us two whole semesters to make a multimedia project. The rules were that it had to include some 3D , be interactive and use FLASH. Well before knowing any rules I knew I wanted to make a game. For this project I grouped up with Joana. We would both be handling all the art and game design. For the coding we had Francisco. And we totally didn't use any flash.

The game was called Fusebox. It was a sci-fi point and click adventure set on a space ship headed for Saturn. We made a snazzy web site for the game, if you want to learn more about the plot check it out here

We had the whole story planned out but it was just too much work for a couple of people to do in a handful of months. Still, we managed to complete a working demo and a CG trailer. Speaking of which, it's time for some videos.

This is the trailer we made in the first semester. Moody!

And this is the actual game

Now check out some screenshots.

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