Monday, January 30, 2012

2D Digital Paintings 2003

I want to try to keep these posts relatively in chronological order to give a better sense of progress and I forgot to start off with some work I did prior to Twin Paradox.

I used to sketch a lot on paper back then but painting was never really my thing. I'd try it occasionally but I didn't have the habit of following tutorials as I do today so It'd take a lot of work to figure things out on my own. When I was starting to get the hang of it I found 3D so I ended up making very few actual paintings.

I'm only going to post a couple of examples here. The Halo 2 one has an interesting story behind it. I was a huge Bungie fan back then and I used to make a ton of Halo related fan work that I'd submit to fan sites. Bungie saw this art and decided to include it as an easter egg on the making of DVD of the limited edition Halo 2. I only found this out months after release of the game.

The other one is a robot.
I  like robots.

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